Viewing and Deleting Whitelist Entries

Viewing the Whitelist

Selecting Whitelist from the sidebar shows all hosts and what sandflies they have whitelisted. You can select the Whitelist menu item and access it directly.

Whitelist ViewWhitelist View

Whitelist View

Clicking on the host will show all available sandflies and which ones are whitelisted for that host. The whitelisted sandflies will have a chevron pattern denoting they are deactivated.

Whitelist Host ViewWhitelist Host View

Whitelist Host View

Deleting Whitelisted Sandflies

Clicking on the Whitelisted checkbox (denoted with a checkmark) will allow you to unselect the whitelisted value and put it back in service.

Multi-select Whitelist.Multi-select Whitelist.

Multi-select Whitelist.

Optionally, you can use the checkboxes to select multiple sandflies and de-whitelist or whitelist them all at once.

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