Top Bar

Sandfly Navigation Bar

The top bar contains Sandfly functions for performing quick scans, oversee the task queues, access user settings, see the local or UTC time, and more.

Sandfly Top Bar

Sandfly Top Bar

The top bar comprises of the following elements:

  • Scan Now - A button to perform an immediate, manual scan.
  • Time - Displays the date and time, click the tag to toggle between UTC and Local Time.
  • Task Queue - Displays the quantity of running scan tasks, node state, and access to the full task view.
  • Documentation - A button that opens Sandfly's online documentation in a new browser tab.
  • Display Mode - A button to toggle the GUI between light and dark view modes.
  • Account - A menu button with user and system setting options.

Scan Now

Clicking the Scan Now button takes you to the manual scan form detailed later. This allows you to immediately launch a scan against selected hosts.


All Sandfly alerts are generated in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time. Sandfly has a built-in UTC/Local time clock at the top of every page that you can use to see timezone differences from UTC and your local time. Click on the timezone tag in the clock display to switch between the two times.

Sandfly UTC Time Display

Sandfly UTC Time Display

Sandfly Local Time Display

Sandfly Local Time Display

Task Queue

Clicking the Task Queue button will take you to the full Task Queues view, which shows all active queues and the associated tasks that they are running. The icon changes to indicate when there are active scans and indicate the collective online state of the nodes.

Display Mode

Toggling the display mode icon switches between light and dark modes.

User and System Settings

Clicking the User Gear icon allows you to update your user profile information such as password and name. It also provides an option to take you to the Settings page, detailed elsewhere.