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Welcome to the Sandfly Security documentation hub. Sandfly is an agentless compromise and intrusion detection system for Linux.

Sandfly automates security investigation and forensic evidence collection on Linux. Sandfly constantly searches for intruders 24 hours a day on your network without needing to load any agents on your endpoints.

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Login Screen

How to Login to Sandfly

Sandfly Login ScreenSandfly Login Screen

Sandfly Login Screen

Logging In

When you installed Sandfly, a randomly generated password was created for the default admin account. This password is located on the server under the setup_data directory in the admin.password.txt file as show below.

cat ~/sandfly-setup/setup/setup_data/admin.password.txt

Copy this password and use it with the admin user to login for the first time.

You can change this password later under the user profile section.

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Login Screen

How to Login to Sandfly

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